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turmeric benefits

Turmeric (Curcuma domestica) are one of the many medicinal plants have benefits, such as spices (especially curry), food coloring, beverages, textiles and cosmetics. These plants have been known for a long time in Indonesia and its use quite a lot in everyday life. Given the current pattern of symptoms tend to be modern with all instant, making the disease from progressing in the community are also diverse. In the last ten years, many diseases are sticking in the community including aids, cancer, and even bird flu symptoms of early senility. This condition makes people start to think to look for alternative treatments in addition to conventional modern medicine. One of the potential medicinal plants as a substitute for chemical treatment that can memperlam late arrival of senile diseases is turmeric. The use of these plants are usually in the form of powder or turmeric powder is formulated into the seasoning. Read the rest of this entry »