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Indonesian society Working for Honda

JAKARTA – At present, millions of jobs created by localization Honda motorcycle parts, both at the downstream and upstream.

As stated by Executive Vice President Director, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) in its official statement received Legal, Wednesday (28/10/2009).

According to him, this time as the holder AHM Honda brand has received a variety of components from approximately 500 vendors and local parts manufacturers.

“More and more component manufacturers can work together with us the greater the employment opportunities created in the upstream side of the motorcycle industry,” he said.

Meanwhile, on the downstream side wheel motorcycle industry two, until September 2009 AHM has about 1,600 dealers and service station network 4000 Astra Honda Autorized Service Station (AHASS), nearly 7000 parts store, including Honda Exclusive Part Shop (HEPS).

This fact indicates AHM has created thousands of jobs in Indonesia. Until September this year the manufacturer’s logo wing employs approximately 14,000 people. By considering the business chain (value chain) associated with the Honda business, the number of jobs created from upstream to downstream will be much greater.

“Overall AHM, dealers, AHASS, parts store, and related companies have a quarter million workers until September 2009. If calculated with a family member who paid each worker, which are related directly or indirectly, the number could reach 1 million people,”