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overcome arthritis

imagesINTAKE proper nutrition is very important in nursing phase. This is not just for the needs of mothers, but for a baby who depends solely on breast milk (ASI) at the beginning of birth to babies aged 6 months ideally. Therefore, she must convince him that milk contains all the essential nutrients needed by infants. How? One of them is through diet. How do I correct diet for breastfeeding mothers? Read the rest of this entry »

vegetables benefits

imagesManage your diet with vegetables reproduce is known as a healthy way of life. Even though only consumed once a week. Here are some benefits of eating vegetables as reported by The Times of India:

1. Detoxification
Vegetables such as pumpkin, spinach, or cabbage contains fibers that can remove toxins from the body. Diet is only with eggs, fish, and lamb are not sufficient to meet the needs of our fiber. Read the rest of this entry »


A hierarchy of needs theory is very popular according to psychologist Abraham Maslow put sex on the basic level. This means, the importance of sex in line with breathing, eating, drinking, throwing dirt, homeostasis, and sleep. Thus, the lack of sex life of both effects will be similar to the lack of a deep sleep. Read the rest of this entry »


Sebuah penelitian baru membuktikan bahwa teh hijau dapat mengurangi risiko meninggal akibat penyakit jantung dan peredaran darah. Seperti diwartakan The Times of India, Kamis (10/9), penelitian tersebut dilakukan oleh peneliti dari Universitas Okayama, Jepang. Read the rest of this entry »

Tips eaters

Tips eaters“Why my child skinny? What should I do so that he can fat? “Does this question ever terbesit on your mind?

Parents today want their children more fat than thin. And not all that fat is healthy and not all that skinny is not healthy. But already a stigma in the community if a fat child is a healthy child. This assumption is not necessarily true. If we look again , skinny kid who referred by the parents were like what? Read the rest of this entry »

Tip for People with Blood Sugar

Blood glucose (blood sugar) which is known as hypoglycemia low (blood glucose <60 mg / dl). The cause of hypoglycemia is when you take the blood sugar-lowering drug classes using sulfonylureas or insulin and then do some activities . Read the rest of this entry »

“Get Out”, Alternative Prevent Pregnancy

kesehatan_keluarResearch shows that the method of penis pulled out of the vagina and ejaculates outside can be used as prevention of pregnancy. Previously, there was a general perception that the effectiveness of this method as a contraceptive, almost the same as having sex without protection. For some people this method quite successfully, at least once. And in fact, this method becomes an attractive option for some Read the rest of this entry »

Honda Genjot Komersialisasi FCX Clarity



Tokyo: Meskipun menghadapi tantangan berat, Honda Motor Co akan mengenjot komersialisasi FCX Clarity dengan meningkatkan target penjualan dengan sistem sewa kendaraan hibrida fuel-cell tersebut. Setelah lebih dari satu tahun diluncurkan, saat ini hanya 10 FCX Clarity yang bersliweran di Amerika Serikat dan Jepang. Read the rest of this entry »

new coral in the Galapagos

coral new

coral new

A number of scientists recently discovered a new species of coral in a coral reef survey a large area in the Galapagos Islands. The survey led by Professor Terry Dawson from the University of Southampton This includes some areas that have not been studied other scientists since 1970. Read the rest of this entry »




Beijing: Some scientists and film makers have discovered a new species of giant rats in the interior forests of Papua New Guinea along with other animals that had never seen. Thick hairy rat, a very large size with a length of 82 centimeters and weighs 1.5 kilograms. Read the rest of this entry »