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Indonesian society Working for Honda

JAKARTA – At present, millions of jobs created by localization Honda motorcycle parts, both at the downstream and upstream.

As stated by Executive Vice President Director, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) in its official statement received Legal, Wednesday (28/10/2009).

According to him, this time as the holder AHM Honda brand has received a variety of components from approximately 500 vendors and local parts manufacturers.

“More and more component manufacturers can work together with us the greater the employment opportunities created in the upstream side of the motorcycle industry,” he said.

Meanwhile, on the downstream side wheel motorcycle industry two, until September 2009 AHM has about 1,600 dealers and service station network 4000 Astra Honda Autorized Service Station (AHASS), nearly 7000 parts store, including Honda Exclusive Part Shop (HEPS).

This fact indicates AHM has created thousands of jobs in Indonesia. Until September this year the manufacturer’s logo wing employs approximately 14,000 people. By considering the business chain (value chain) associated with the Honda business, the number of jobs created from upstream to downstream will be much greater.

“Overall AHM, dealers, AHASS, parts store, and related companies have a quarter million workers until September 2009. If calculated with a family member who paid each worker, which are related directly or indirectly, the number could reach 1 million people,”

city bike

cbWhen in Indonesia, its presence has become a rare commodity, in the country of origin, Honda CB actually rise again. Along denagn VFR1200F, the latest generation of CB is present at the Tokyo Motor Show 2009.

Maintaining a signature retro style in the past, Honda CB now equip with a capacity of 1100 cc engine air-conditioned. Read the rest of this entry »

city bike

You are welcome. . . results, search google dot com, I found a little explanation of the differences from earlier generations of 3 variants SupersPort CB 100. Hopefully this information can help us add information about one of Honda’s motorcycle legends of this resilient.cb 125

* Available in 3 color variations of white strip in the fuel tanks are: Candy Blue Green, Candy Ruby Red, and Candy Gold
* Close the upper front Pretentious, self closing back, and shell the same color as the light tank
* Color chrome fender Read the rest of this entry »

Honda Genjot Komersialisasi FCX Clarity



Tokyo: Meskipun menghadapi tantangan berat, Honda Motor Co akan mengenjot komersialisasi FCX Clarity dengan meningkatkan target penjualan dengan sistem sewa kendaraan hibrida fuel-cell tersebut. Setelah lebih dari satu tahun diluncurkan, saat ini hanya 10 FCX Clarity yang bersliweran di Amerika Serikat dan Jepang. Read the rest of this entry »

Here are tips on daily care of the motor ahass:

1. diligently wash the motor to protect unwanted rust
2. lumasi chain wheels with a special oil chain (chain lube) when seen were dry
3. engine oil change every 2000km or 2 months
4. not too often directly under the motor memparkir sun, because it causes body-body loose and easily broken
5. always use Honda Genuine Parts
6. frugal in using the battery / batteries
7. always use the fuel / non-lead gasoline (premium original)

if there are other tips from the bikers please send through a comment below, thanks …



One of the most important factor in the vehicle are the tires. Here are 10 tips for you that will be useful for the treatment anda1 vehicle tires. Do not wait until the tire is damaged. Make it a habit to always check your tire pressure at least once a month and especially before traveling long distances. Read the rest of this entry »

Toyota will Pull Car Hundreds of Thousands in China



Shanghai: Japanese automobile company, Toyota Motor Corporation will attract 688,314 units of cars in China, began Tuesday (25 / 8). This withdrawal is the largest ever conducted in China Toyota. The main purpose for the withdrawal of the car power window repair the damage. So proclaimed Reuters, Monday. Read the rest of this entry »

Nissan Workers Suspend Thousands in Spain

Japanese automakers, Nissan, announced plans to temporarily lay off 2025 workers at its factory in Barcelona and Montcada in northeastern Spain. According to the company spokesperson, Thursday (27 / 8) local time, as reported by AFP, it was done because of falling demand vehicles. The Company has informed the plan to the workers’ representatives. Read the rest of this entry »

Marketed Ready Kizashi Hybrid

090903btoyota-1xLiputan6.com: Green Cars the future with the concept already developed. Toyota hybrid concept car developed a compact size, the Toyota 1 / X is claimed to bring future technologies to the present. Read the rest of this entry »

create a more secure vehicles

090818bpengamanJakarta: Theft of two-wheeled vehicle motor aka, the bloom occurred in the country. The perpetrators were classified as professionals and reckless since they often act not just as the moon appeared on his face. In addition, the target is a motor sport Curanmor because the black market price is high. Read the rest of this entry »