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maya tribe forecast

mayan sukuThe Mayan prophecies say: End of the world will be marked by discord and nuclear war

In Various Religious teachings, all of which would have ended up starting. Just as there is daylight will be followed by night, the sound would be followed by the arrival of the nature of pain and evil must be balanced by the good. Amenyikapi kit bagimana lived all these things to keep guard in accordance with what kind of life we want.
mayan suku
There is an interesting story and predictions that can be taken from any religious doctrine and prediction Sufi scholars. In ancient myths, every time or people to have confidence bagimana era and the world would end. But every time the prediction is to be one thing to be reckoned with, and what is right. According to the archaeologist, Nostradamus Prophecy and Sufis Mayalah Nation’s most famous.

The Mayan calendar so far mentioned is the most accurate calendar in existence on earth. There have been many events and phenomena they kumpukan and explained in the symbols and characters to predict the cultural life and the end times. One of them mentioned that the calculation of the exact calendar date of December 21, 2012, is the “End of Times”. The purpose of this word is still much debated by scientists and archaeologists, but the meaning is meant as one end of human life on earth.

Like remember the story of Prophet Nuh (Noah), at the time, all human life has been destroyed. As a result of a disaster, called for punishment, only the people of Noah who lived and survived. Not just once, according to historical records tlah 81 times as much to make such life cycle on earth. Life one appeared and the other khiudpan destroyed. Will the humans in the next five years gone?

“When my predictions for the mean predictions of a hidden meaning that the third world war is imminent,” said Doctor Michael Ratherford seoarang archaeologist who studied the manuscripts of Nostradamus since 1975. The next story that he caught from this prediction written in the form of a book called The Nostradamus Code: World War III.

Piles of manuscripts written by Michel de Nostradame, or better known as Nostradamus (1503-1566) was discovered by a member of the Italian National Library in Rome. Major findings in May 2005 that gave greater meaning now with the title The Nostradamus Code. To understand it, using a Ratherford art analysis techniques and algorithms numbers. The resulting data can be analyzed within 10 minutes. Enmity mentioned in the book and will fight raged, and the third world war will happen.

One of the hottest current menyingggung bit and really be a sign discussed in Chapter four of the book. Chapter is to discuss issues when the time arises. In verses 3 and 4 to Nostradamus Code mentioned in the 20th century many disputes will occur. Crazy leader launches nuclear bombs into the Mediterranean and Europe. During the period of anxiety is the leader in the Middle East countries could get nuclear weapons. He then did something that small and would not hesitate to use weapons for war.

In addition to the 67 in the poem mentioned source of disaster like the volcano, earthquake, flood and drought seasons will increasingly be felt by all mankind. These disasters will cause greater conflict and social conflict worse. America would have mentioned the most severe conditions of natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. At that time his condition will be full of conflict, despair and misery. Due to the huge disaster that will Bankrupt America and the political and social structures weaken.

Another sign mentioned in the poem to the 23 and 81 mentioned that the anti-trust against existence of God will again rise in the Middle East. This belief will then be extended over such control every aspect of Europe, and the Mediterranean Region. Another sign is for a third world country, its leaders will fight each other. In addition there are many more sources of a problem the sign of the third world war to get to the end of the world.

“Summary of this book is almost the same description as in the belief that God’s prophets summarized in people of Moses, the Gospel or Islam,” said Ratherford. In a sample of the publication of the book he did not mention whether Nostradamus mentions the end of time as the Maya world or not. But every Chapter of diterangkannya that information when the end of the world is going to happen is very close.

Destruction many times

In some ancient mythologies that the earth was once hit by devastating floods that terrible, almost all the civilizations of the past there were stories about the disaster this one, for example, among more than 130 Indian tribes in the Americas almost no tribe that is not devastating floods memitoskan as the topic.

Let’s remember the story of Prophet Nuh (Noah). Narrated in the Qur’an and the Bible, that all human civilization was destroyed at the time, except for those who believe in the teachings of God conveyed by Noah who survived the flood disaster is mighty mighty.

Countryside around the base of Mount Himalayas, Tibet for example, people encounter a tribe, descendants and they look almost similar to the Greeks. It was said that they are the people lucky to be alive for the event that terrible flood.

In 1986, the Turkish government news agency said that 5200 meters above sea mountain (Ararat), has found a body similar to Noah’s boat-shaped square, then take pictures from space, and the length of the boat in accordance with the recorded in the scriptures.

It is an interesting article, according to the narrative of Master Li Hongzhi (the founder of Falun Gong / Falun Dafa) in the book Zhuan Falun Lecture I page 22. He tells us that this earth civilization has destroyed at least approximately 81 times as much experience total obliteration.

Then why humans can experience the disaster? Mythology of every nation has the same explanation for this. All this is due to human degradation and depravity, and The Lord of the Universe decides to punish mankind.

Narrated in the days of the previous prophets, no such thing as crazy time and time again nature, after the crazy times will come back to the times of nature until some time later this universe really be destroyed as a whole.

When an age where humans have shown that degeneracy extraordinary (crazy days), the creator decided to end civilization by sending some major disaster that finally ended the life of the earth at that time.

Only a few are left to oranglah start a new civilization further. At the time of this new civilization was born, the hearts of those who had saved them back in a clean / nature (after conversion) because it has been made aware by a series of terrible disasters that happened to the days of the past.

At this moment, where the signs of the times have been crazy to see so clearly, maybe it’s time again during this civilization should be back end, and will be replaced with a new civilization that has nothing whatsoever to do with the previous civilization. (perhaps human beings will come to recognize the remains of our civilization as an advanced civilization lost to time, as the story of Atlantis and Lemuria civilization that sank a period ago).

Year 2012 the Earth will be destroyed again?

In the dating system in the Nation Calendar Maya / Mayan Calendar reply is the most accurate calendar until now-been here on earth. (The calculation of Mayan Calendar 3113 BC to 2012 AD), they (Maya Nation) stated in 2012, precisely on December 21, 2012, is the “End of Times”. The purpose of the “End of Times” itself is still debated by scientists, and archaeologists.

Some claimed that the intention is:

1. The shut down time (the earth stops spinning)
2. The transition from the Age of Pisces to Aquarius
3. The transition from Silver Age to the Age of gold
4. End of Times = End of the World as we know it
5. There will be a great galactic Wave, who dismissed all the activities on this earth, including human extinction
6. Changes of dimension 3 to dimension 4, even 5
7. Human life increased from 3-dimensional level, to 4, human DNA strains increased from 2 to 12, so that people can use telepathy telekinesis even
8. Some said it will not happen
9. Some claimed the time was not going to apply, so time is not linear, but it could change, according to the time that we experience, because the invention of time machines
10. Finding a time machine and stargate
11. Humans are able to transport to another Galaxi, through the stargate
12. The rise of messiah, who will save mankind from destruction
13. The resurrection of Jesus AS / Jesus
14. First Contact was first human civilizations with the Alien / UFO
15. Humans join the community Galaxi between the first time, humans = galaxy being

In the Mayan calendar is very famous, predicted that in the 1992-2012 period the earth will be “purified”, then human civilization will end this now and start entering a new civilization.

In the history of the ancient civilizations of the world, known Mayan knowledge of astronomy and in-depth special, perfect dating system, a complex astronomical calculations and methods of high abstract thinking. Perfection and accuracy of the penanggalannya make people wonder.

Mysterious group of people who are living in the south of Mexico right now (Yucatan) Guetemala, northern Belize and western Honduras. Lots pyramid, temples and ancient buildings built by the Maya who still can be found there. Many stones are also sculptures and mysterious writings on the tables they left.

The archaeologists believe that the Maya had a great civilization. It can be seen from the legacy like his books, stone tables and the stories are mystical. But unfortunately their books in the library Maya everything was burned by Spanish soldiers when he attacked after year 1517. Only a few writings on the tables and some calendar system remains confusing until now.

An American historian, Dr. Jose Arguelles devoted himself to studying the civilization of this nation. He explore Mayan prophecy that was built on the foundation that created the calendar that, where such predictions are just like the way the calculation of China, Zhou Yi style. Calendar, an outline describing celestial law cycle and its relation to human change.

In the work of Arguelles, The Mayan Factor: Path Beyong Technology, published by Bear & Company in 1973, mentioned in the Mayan calendar system of galaxies noted that our solar system are experiencing ‘The Great Cycle’ (big cycle) the term of five thousand two hundred years more . Time from 3113 BC to 2012 AD In this great cycle, the solar system and the earth was moving through a galaxy light (Galatic Beam) derived from the galaxy nucleus. Horizontal beam diameter is 5125 years old is the earth. In other words, if the earth through the light and it will take 5125 years.

Maya people believed that all celestial bodies in the galaxy after experiencing a reaction from the galaxy light in this great cycle, there will be total change. Maya people call it, aligning the galaxy (Galatic Synchronization). This major cycle is divided into 13 stages, each stage of evolution also have very detailed records. Arguelles in his book that uses lots of diagrams to tell the condition at each stage of evolution. Then each phase was subdivided into 20 days of evolution. Every time it would take 20 years.

From the 20-year period between the years 1992-2012, the world we have entered the final stage of the phase of the Great Cycle, the Mayans considered it an important period before the pre-Galatic Synchronization, they call it: The Earth Generetion Priod (Earth Regeneration Period). During this period the earth will reach a total purification. After that, the earth we will leave the galaxy and the reach of light entering a new phase: alignment of galaxies.

On December 21, 2012 will be the end of the day civilization of mankind this time, the Mayan calendar calculations. After that, mankind will enter a new civilization of the total that have nothing to do with civilization today. On that day, exactly winter arrived, the sun will be joined again with the cross point formed by Ecliptic (path of the sun) with the equator of the total. At that moment, the sun was right in the middle of the system through the galaxy, or in other words galaxies located above the earth, like opening a “Door of Heaven” just for humans.

Began in 1992, the Earth into what the Mayans called ‘Earth Regeneration Period “. In this period, the Earth is purified, including the human heart, (this is almost like a prophecy of the North-American Indians against the people today), substances that are not good will be removed, and the substance is good and right will be preserved, eventually aligned with the galaxy (natural universe), this is a mystery outcrop of movement of our galaxy systems are shown by the Mayans.

Since 1992 till 2012, what happened “purification” and how did happen “regeneration” of our planet, not mentioned in detail by the Mayans. In their predictions did not mention anything about what concrete things that give the human spirit to rise from the consciousness and how the earth has permurnian, abandoned by them to their grandchildren (perhaps not recorded). Then, the new phenomenon of what we can see since 1992 until now we can associate with the Mayan prediction that civilized?

Maybe it was arranged, that the Mayan calendar is not lost and the history of mankind, and should be described with the code by humans now. But he still had to be seen whether humanity is fascinated by the conception that is formed after birth can penetrate the boundaries to remind and understand the truth that transcends our knowledge system.

In fact, when viewed from several studies that have been done today. Indeed in some two decades, the earth is experiencing a reversal of the cycle, called the polar magnetism.

Magnet pole reversal is a process that occurs at the north pole and south pole positions exchanged. When this happens, for a moment the earth’s magnetic field reaches zero Gauss, which means the earth at that time has zero magnetism. When this occurs in conjunction with the annual eleven perbalikan polar orbits the sun, big problems will occur.

According to computer calculations Hyderabad, a polar reversal of Earth and the sun can cause major problems other than electronic does not work properly, migrating birds lose the bow, and various kinds:

1. Body’s immune system, including all animals and humans would be much weaker.
2. The outer layer of the earth will experience increase volcanoes, tectonic movements, earthquakes, and landslides.
3. Earth’s magnetic field becomes weaker and the radiation of the universe comes from the sun increases twofold cause radiation hazards like cancer and so can not be avoided
4. Celestial bodies will be drawn into the Earth
5. Earth’s gravity will change, although not known how he would change.

If you add all the disaster scenarios that may happen, you can easily tell with this simple sentence, the Earth will be a place that does not fit to live in human civilization in 2012 or those who live near the outer layer of the earth. This may occur on Mars millions of years ago.

It may be true of what is said about the destruction of the Maya Nation perdaban humans in the next 2012 years, it certainly can be seen from the human nature of today’s how the moral, the behavior has been very down and natural-not even seem more friendly to us.

In Indonesia alone an astrologer says, “later in the year 2012 the population was living in Indonesia 40%”. Then when asked what it was, he said, “that in a major catastrophe will hit Earth Globally, probably in every country will leave only 30% -40% life to rebuild a new life”.

A similar prediction expressed by some monk in Tibet, known for his mastery of clairvoyance is very good. They said at the beginning of the year 2012 is the most exciting years for mankind on Earth, where at the beginning of the year, some strange phenomena will be more popping up. But in closing, the Monk says the Earth will be saved by a large force to protect them invisible, allowing human civilization is not completely destroyed.

In the past 10 years Master Li Hongzhi teaches prisip universe characters “Zhen-Shan-Ren” (truthfulness-Fine-Tolerance) that effect to purify the human heart and nature. In a short time trainee and soul cultivation this has already surpassed the 200 million people, spread over in 60 countries. Through the continuous cultivation of this exercise can replace menyapai purpose cells of the human body with high energy content by increasing human moral character in accordance with the universe.

No one can predict exactly when the end came. But on the other hand, there will be a civilization that regenarasi predicted the People Nation ditahun Maya 2012. This is not a destruction of the universe as a whole (so can not really mean the end), may eventually bite the men who was saved from disaster to rebuild a new civilization pillar better and more moral than we are.

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