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cbWhen in Indonesia, its presence has become a rare commodity, in the country of origin, Honda CB actually rise again. Along denagn VFR1200F, the latest generation of CB is present at the Tokyo Motor Show 2009.

Maintaining a signature retro style in the past, Honda CB now equip with a capacity of 1100 cc engine air-conditioned.

While performing with the new machine, but as reported by Autoblog, Tuesday (27/10/2009), retro shades still strong in Japan this besin horse. Look at the design of gas tanks, seats, up to the stern. Not to mention the circular mirror typical Honda motorcycles in the past.

“CB1100 will mark the return of the Universal Japanese Motorcycle (UJM) had popularized oelh Honda CB750 diera the 1970s,” writes the site.

Yet there has been no official statement when this bike will soon be marketed and what price to set Honda CB1100 is.

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  axel29 wrote @

nice posting..
its’s my favorite bike..

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