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overcome toothache

You know what it feels like a toothache? If the tooth is sick, then the head, too sick, eat too bad, can not sleep well. Drugs painkillers I’ve been using. Until disuatu when the drugs were no longer able to cope with this tooth pain.

I idly read-read book about reflection feet. I’m looking for where the point of reflection to reduce / eliminate tooth pain. Location is in the big toe, located exactly above the nail.

After finding the place, I massage-massage itself. Pain gradually diminish. Because the massage itself was also tired, so I try pake patch I attach area above the thumb, of course after the first cut into small. After I tasted the heat-massage help with light massages.

The result, now I almost never have toothache again. Sometimes when I got myself a massage-massage area was not even a toothache. I also now routinely relfeksi massage, at least once a month.

For those who have a toothache, I hope this article helps to reduce your toothache.
Do not forget to search lemongrass stems and chew the elbow, so that the oil in lemongrass will be out and about the tooth pain, it will accelerate the healing of toothache

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