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sexy lips

sexyBibir lips dry and cracked appearance is extremely damaging. Actually there are ways to overcome them. Yes multiply the first drinking water, fruit menngkonsumsi etc..

But how do I let go back more soft lips, soft and naturally red?

Usually the home must be available in Olive. Olive Oil Olive Oil eat or cosmetics can be used. And provided the sugar.

– Pour a few drops of olive oil disebuah small container (small plates)
– Mix a little sugar in the olive oil droplets
– Lips had to be clean (no food or kosemetik remaining)
– Use your index finger and rub olive oil + sugar to the surface of the lips
– And then rub-rub with a soft (function as scrubbing)
– And then rinsed

Do it every night. Within a week of your lips will become soft and red. Guaranteed every smile you’ll be more confident. For women who like to wear lipstick too, if his lips turned black and dry, home care can also be like this.

if personally I always scrub my lips once every 3 days. Usually the night. Because I used to let the rest of the olive oil on my lips because olive oil has skin softening properties. So the next day hard skin bibiryang’ve become soft.lips _ sexy _ sexy

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