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diet by ASI

INTAKE proper nutrition is very important in nursing phase. This is not just for the needs of mothers, but for a baby who depends solely on breast milk (ASI) at the beginning of birth to babies aged 6 months ideally. Therefore, she must convince him that milk contains all the essential nutrients needed by infants. How? One of them is through diet. How do I correct diet for breastfeeding mothers?

Adding calorie intake. Most of the 500 nursing mothers need extra calories from the amount of their normal calorie intake before pregnancy. However, the needs of each individual remains dependent on metabolism and physical activity. Nutritional experts recommend that breastfeeding mothers consume 2700 calories per day. However, recent studies found that breastfeeding mothers require calorie intake around 2200 calories per day, about 15% less than expert nutritional advice. What food nutritious? You can eat vegetables and fruits as a source of low-calorie fat, rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Make sure also increase your intake of foods rich in vitamin A such as carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, and watermelons.

Carbohydrates. Lactating mothers should consume 6-11 drinks seeds. We recommend that you select a whole grain because it contains more nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and helps prevent constipation.

Protein intake. It is worth adding intake of foods rich in protein. Based on the recommendations, you should consume 1 gram of protein for every 1 / 2 kilogram of body weight per day. Be sure to enter the protein in two meals per day. You can choose the source of protein from meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, soy, beans, tofu, and dairy products.

Calcium. Just like during pregnancy, calcium remained high during lactation. Continue to consume at least 3-4 calcium-rich foods every day. Mothers who were teens should consume 4-5 drinks. The results of the study found that high calcium intake during lactation proved to reduce the risk of osteoporosis in later age. You can get calcium from dairy products. Besides calcium, milk and dairy products also contain protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Expand the water. While breastfeeding, mothers tend to be more quickly thirsty. This is because the body uses water for the formation of milk. Therefore, it is important to increase water intake. Try to drink 2.25-2.7 liters a day.

In addition, here are some things you need to remember:

Limit your intake of sugar, salt, fat and processed foods. It is wise to hang the food intake of junk food at feeding time. You should implement a diet low in fat and high fiber.

Avoid cigarette smoke because it can reduce milk production and make sure to avoid secondhand smoke because it can interfere with the development of the baby’s lungs.

Stay away from alcohol, because alcohol can inhibit the growth of your baby.

Be sure to consult a physician before using medication whatsoever.

Avoid drastic weight loss during lactation. Many new mothers who gave birth in a hurry to lose weight because the dream of the previous figure. But, to lose weight by reducing calories ASPAN will drastically reduce the production of milk. Women with normal weight before pregnancy are encouraged to lose weight no more than 1 kg per month after the first month of breastfeeding. Women who are overweight can lose up to 2 kg a month.

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