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turmeric benefits

Turmeric (Curcuma domestica) are one of the many medicinal plants have benefits, such as spices (especially curry), food coloring, beverages, textiles and cosmetics. These plants have been known for a long time in Indonesia and its use quite a lot in everyday life. Given the current pattern of symptoms tend to be modern with all instant, making the disease from progressing in the community are also diverse. In the last ten years, many diseases are sticking in the community including aids, cancer, and even bird flu symptoms of early senility. This condition makes people start to think to look for alternative treatments in addition to conventional modern medicine. One of the potential medicinal plants as a substitute for chemical treatment that can memperlam late arrival of senile diseases is turmeric. The use of these plants are usually in the form of powder or turmeric powder is formulated into the seasoning. Read the rest of this entry »

Indonesian society Working for Honda

JAKARTA – At present, millions of jobs created by localization Honda motorcycle parts, both at the downstream and upstream.

As stated by Executive Vice President Director, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) in its official statement received Legal, Wednesday (28/10/2009).

According to him, this time as the holder AHM Honda brand has received a variety of components from approximately 500 vendors and local parts manufacturers.

“More and more component manufacturers can work together with us the greater the employment opportunities created in the upstream side of the motorcycle industry,” he said.

Meanwhile, on the downstream side wheel motorcycle industry two, until September 2009 AHM has about 1,600 dealers and service station network 4000 Astra Honda Autorized Service Station (AHASS), nearly 7000 parts store, including Honda Exclusive Part Shop (HEPS).

This fact indicates AHM has created thousands of jobs in Indonesia. Until September this year the manufacturer’s logo wing employs approximately 14,000 people. By considering the business chain (value chain) associated with the Honda business, the number of jobs created from upstream to downstream will be much greater.

“Overall AHM, dealers, AHASS, parts store, and related companies have a quarter million workers until September 2009. If calculated with a family member who paid each worker, which are related directly or indirectly, the number could reach 1 million people,”

city bike

cbWhen in Indonesia, its presence has become a rare commodity, in the country of origin, Honda CB actually rise again. Along denagn VFR1200F, the latest generation of CB is present at the Tokyo Motor Show 2009.

Maintaining a signature retro style in the past, Honda CB now equip with a capacity of 1100 cc engine air-conditioned. Read the rest of this entry »

maya tribe forecast

mayan sukuThe Mayan prophecies say: End of the world will be marked by discord and nuclear war

In Various Religious teachings, all of which would have ended up starting. Just as there is daylight will be followed by night, the sound would be followed by the arrival of the nature of pain and evil must be balanced by the good. Amenyikapi kit bagimana lived all these things to keep guard in accordance with what kind of life we want.
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SMS applications Gateway

sms gatway
This paper describes the design and implementation of SMS applications
Gateway at PT. Image Universe Fund (Universe finance) made by
SMS technology that helps companies to provide services
sending information to customers, collectors, and Central Office employees.
To make the system auto sender SMS gateway used language
Programming Visual Basic 6 and Microsoft SQL Database Server 2000.
Application is used to help NowSMS gateway as SMS 2006
third-party gateway, and email gateway that is used for shipping
email. The system has been tested to handle the information transfer services
in the company. Experiment results show that the system works with

overcome toothache

You know what it feels like a toothache? If the tooth is sick, then the head, too sick, eat too bad, can not sleep well. Drugs painkillers I’ve been using. Until disuatu when the drugs were no longer able to cope with this tooth pain. Read the rest of this entry »

traditional medicine

1. Aloe Vera
2. Avocado
3. curcuma
4. Actinidia chinensis

1. Aloe Vera (Aloe vera L.) Benefits: to refine the skin, combating acne, black spots, burns heal, nourish and strengthen hair, increase endurance, headaches, dizziness, and others. – Lignin contained in aloe vera gel can soak into the skin and resist the loss of body fluids from the skin surface, thus the skin does not dry quickly and maintained the humidity. Read the rest of this entry »

sexy lips

sexyBibir lips dry and cracked appearance is extremely damaging. Actually there are ways to overcome them. Yes multiply the first drinking water, fruit menngkonsumsi etc..

But how do I let go back more soft lips, soft and naturally red?

Usually the home must be available in Olive. Olive Oil Olive Oil eat or cosmetics can be used. And provided the sugar. Read the rest of this entry »

city bike

You are welcome. . . results, search google dot com, I found a little explanation of the differences from earlier generations of 3 variants SupersPort CB 100. Hopefully this information can help us add information about one of Honda’s motorcycle legends of this resilient.cb 125

* Available in 3 color variations of white strip in the fuel tanks are: Candy Blue Green, Candy Ruby Red, and Candy Gold
* Close the upper front Pretentious, self closing back, and shell the same color as the light tank
* Color chrome fender Read the rest of this entry »

diet by ASI

INTAKE proper nutrition is very important in nursing phase. This is not just for the needs of mothers, but for a baby who depends solely on breast milk (ASI) at the beginning of birth to babies aged 6 months ideally. Therefore, she must convince him that milk contains all the essential nutrients needed by infants. How? One of them is through diet. How do I correct diet for breastfeeding mothers? Read the rest of this entry »